April 27: What is becoming old is getting new!


The need for some web renovation has been long over due and finally we´re getting there!

A brand new and shining web for Norrbotten NEO are to be built so you can follow us were we play, check out movies, and pictures from tour and exciting collaborations that is happening. Stay in tune to find out more.

But till then , we are putting this site to sleep and you should go straight to our facebook page were we are alive and kicking!

Click it!

March 11: Article in the newspaper: Composed a piece for his wife!


Our flutist Sara Hammarström front together with Norrbotten NEO the flute piece that her fiancé ,Frederick Hedelin, has written for her.

Our local newspaper wrote an article about it and you can read it here! (in swedish)


March 9: Be sure to visit us on our Facebook page!



March 9: Join us for a concert with French Connections conducted by Pierré-Andre Valade


Pierre-Andre Valade is a dear and recurring guest of Norrbotten NEO. Valade is known for his sharp way of listening, and his subtle sense of harmony and sounds, with his eyes fixed on making it easier for musicians to perform at the top level. His presence thus represents a strategically important artistic venture from the ensemble's side. It is therefore particularly exciting to Valade conducting a program with french connections, both directly as well as indirectly.



Piteå, Studio Acusticum March 13 12.30 pm - FREE

Luleå, Kulturens hus, march 14 at 4.00 pm


February 2: A great weekend with composer André Chini!



We started a weekend tour together with Luleå Kammarmusikförening Thursday night together with some extra personal with us in NEO and of course, composer and conductor, André Chini!

We had the honor to do a premier performance for a new piece he had written for this occasion -Trafficking.


Norrbotten NEO this time in shape of: Sara Hammarström (flute), Kristian Möller (clarinet),Brusk Zanganeh (violin), Kim Hellgren (viola), Elemer Lavotha (cello) and Mårten Landström (piano), Daniel Saur (percussion) and Martin Wingate (double bass).


Check ou tour facebook to watch movieshots and reviews!


Brusk, Kim and Elemer





Sep 22: RELEASE - New Album out!



Our new album were released at the concert last friday at Klusterfesitvalen in Luleå!


Norrbotten NEO presents their second CD with commissioned works by Swedish composer.
Five fingerprints that show Swedish Chamber music musical diversity!





Sep 16: From our last production with Pierre-André Valade! Soundcheck!




The premier where held in the Art hall at Kulturens hus by Luleå Kammarmusikförening! Before the concert the arranged a wine tasting together with a seminar reading with our clarinetist Robert Ek!

Aug 18: Our Steve Reich reviewed in Lira!



Aug 18: See us play!

Up for some contemporary tunes? See us live at dlaplay.se!



Aug 15: A nice way to end a week!

What a great way to finish a week at work: a nice review of our CD Steve Reich written by Anders Lundkvist in the daily paper Norrbottens-Kuriren.  "Norrbotten NEO interprets Steve Reich's music brilliantly".

Review (in Swedish below):



Aug 13: We're back in business!


With a few weeks with the sun warming our backs, a bit of rest and also playing music, we're back for a very exciting autumn with concerts and some good news (still a secret)!

Robert Ek is catching up with some reading on the 1900 century music, in Alex Ross well-known book “The rest is noise”. The book is inspiration for a seminar that he will be holding at the wine tasting before the concert performed by Norrbotten NEO, directed by the French conductor Pierre-André Valade. Arranged by Luleå Kammarmusikförening.

September 11 at 19:30, Konsthallen, Kulturens hus. Read more about the concert and for tickets: http://www.kulturenshus.com/toppmeny/program/evenemang/evenemang/vintonerochsangfranskitalienskkvallmedmersmak.5.166e10aa146d0d742132dd.html


June 9: " Norrbotten NEO finds beauty in music at June in Buffalo"  - Buffalo News


We got some good reviews from 


Read the whole interview here!


foto:Maria Fäldt (240514)


June 5: Recorded Live from New Directions Festival May 23-24. Watch!


DLA did some live recordings and were streaming live during the New Directions Festival - did you miss it?!
Well now you can watch it again, and again, and again! All of the four concerts that we did during the festival are posted on DLAplay.se


Norrbotten NEO & Norrbotten Big Band
(first performances, commissioned by Sveriges Radio and Norrbottensmusiken)

Solo: Sofia Jernberg

Paula af Malmborg Ward - Marea

Tim Hagans - Blues and the machines that walk at midnight




New Sweden

Conductor Christian Karlsen
Kim Hedås
 First performance (2014).
Klas Torstensson Sieben mal NEO (2012-2014) First performance
Benjamin Staern Bells and Waves (2010) Sweden premier



Portrait: Salvatore Sciarrino

Solo: Monica Danielson

Salvatore Sciarrino (f. 1947) – Il tempo con l’obelisco (1985)
Toshio Hosokawa (f. 1955) – Drawing (2004)
Salvatore Sciarrino - Infinito nero (1998)




Fredrik Hedelin - Violin concert




June 4: Concert night! 


We have landed in Buffalo and today's schedule consists with workshops and working with student and tonight we perform a program with pieces written by the resident composer of the festival!

To get a good start before rehearsal in Baird Hall (picture above) we started off with lunch at Starbucks to fill up our caffeine supply and food ernegy!






Tonights concert conducted by Petter Sundkvist, starts at 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm



June 3: It's June in Buffalo, New York!

This week the ensemble performs two concerts and holds workshops at the festival June in Buffalo at the University of Buffalo. Singer Nicholas Isherwood joins! More about the annual festival in this article.



June in Buffalo Facebook - click the image

May 27: A first performance in Piteå by Torstensson


foto: Erik van Gurp


Klas Torstenssons piece Sieben Mal performed by us in Piteå tha past weekend. Read about the composer in VästerviksTidningen!



May 27: New Directions Festival 2014

Last week was hectic - but fun! We performed a total of four concerts during three days this weekend and practicing in between. But we've had so much fun and got to play with wonderful guest musicians!

We started with playing a violin concert composed by Fredrik Hedelin as a part of his Ph. D.


Together with mezzosoprano Monica Danielson we performed Salvatore Sciarrino – Infinito Nero in a Sciarrino portrait program.


Later the same evening we did a collaboration with Norrbotten Big Band with Sofia Jernberg as a vocal soloist. Together we premiered two new pieces composed by Paula af Malmborg Ward and Tim Hagans. Here you can listen to an interview that the radio did!

Here you can listen to an interview that the radio did!



Saturday we finished off with our New Sweden program including two first performances and one Sweden premiere!

We performed three pieces:

Kim Hedås The Saturday continued with our New Sweden concert, which got great receiving from the audience. - Silent Plan (2014). 15 min. First performance
Klas Torstensson -  Sieben mal NEO (2012-2014) 25 min. First performance
Benjamin Staern - Bells and Waves
(2010) 30 min. Sweden premiere

Conducted by: Christian Karlsen



Mon 19: Three times a charm!


We're proud to announce that the documentary Jag stannar tiden wins an award again - for the third time since the premiere in februari! This time it was awarded in Sevastopol in Krim (first it won at the International Film Festival in Tromsö and next at the International Film Festival in Gothenburg). We recorded the music for this documentary last December and the music is written by Johan Ramström. Director Gunilla Bresky can be heard in an interview in Swedish radio today (3.10 hours into the show you can hear her talk about this new award and the receiving the film got in its homeland).




May 19: We've got company from USA and Stockholm!


Today composer Paula af Malmborg Ward flew in from Stockholm to start rehearsals for New Directions Festival. Paula has written a piece that we'll perform together with the Norrbotten Big Band on Friday at 22.30. Also Tim Hagans, the american jazzcomposer and trumpetist, has joined us. Tim, who is former artistic director of the Norrbotten Big Band, has also written a brand new piece that we will perform Friday night! Exiting collaboration!




May 19: New Directions Festival - Four concerts in one weekend!

This year New Directions Festival we’re performing non the less than four concert! Starting off with performing music written for violin by Fredrik Hedelin on Thursday at 12.00. With us we have Cecilia Zilliacus as violin soloist.



Here you can read an article with Cecilia!


Later on friday we're doing a music portrait of the composer Salvatore Sciarrino, who's is the composer-on-residence at the festival! And joining us and the festival (his fist time in Sweden!), we are performing two of his pieces, Il tempo con l’obelisco and Infinito Nero. On Infinito Nero mezzo soprano Monica Danileson is our guest soloist!


To finnish of the festival on friday we're a doing a collaboration with Norrbotten Big Band performing a first time performance of two new written pieces by Tim Hagans and one of Paula of Malmborg Ward! And guest soloist, singer Sofia Jernberg. Friday 22.30

And on saturday at 17.00, we are perfoming this year program of New Sweden. A program with new music in three pieces.


Dirigent: Christian Karlsen

Kim Hedås (f.1965) – Silent Plan (2014) 20 min. Uruppförande, beställningsverk av NNEO

Klas Torstensson (f.1951) - Sieben mal NEO (2012-2014) 25 min. Bearbetat för NNEO

Benjamin Staern (f.1978) Bells and Waves (2010) 30 min


To see the full program of the festival, visit newdirections.se


May 19: New Sweden 2014 - Kim Hedås


On saturday it's time for our concert New Sweden at the New Directions Festival, and this past weekend we met Kim Hedås and rehearst the piece that she wrote for the program - Silent Plan.'


New Directions Festival, May 23-24

Studio Acusticum, Piteå

Concert New Sweden, May 24 Saturday, 17:00



April 16: Robert went shopping - to Munich!

Our clarinetist Robert Ek is in Munich on a shoppingspree! Why Munich? Simply because that's where you can buy the absolute best contrabaseclarinets!


Benedikt Eppelsheim is the one who builds these instruments - and he does it very well! On the second floor in this house he has his extraordinary workshop.



After hours of testing och trying we chose the model that we liked and in about a year we'll get a very nice delivery!




April 14: The play "Jag är tusen år" will play at Dramaten in Stockholm


In May you can go and see the play Mon lean duhát jagi/Jag är tusen år at Dramaten, the famous theater in central Stockholm in May. We recorded the music for the theater in late 2013 and it premiered in Umeå, Cultural Capital 2014, in March us and has since toured around Sweden, Norway and Finland.





Dramaten, Lilla Scenen

May 20-21


April 14: New Sweden Diptychon review gives 4 out of 5!

April 10: Concert at KHM!



This week we are in Stockholm for work with the master stundents at the composer program at the Royal Collage of Music. Six students have each written pieces that we know have the pleasure to perform. We started with rehearsal on tuesday and yesterday we finished of with a concert at Fylkingen, Stockholm. And the place were packed with people! So it was a great night!



We played pieces written by Shergo Dakouri, Johan Blixt, Kajsa Lindgren, Saverio Santoni, Thommy Wahlström and Gustav Lindsten. Shergo Dakouri talks about his piece:


"My piece In a wheat field draws inspiration from Kurdish and Persian music with regard to form, motifs and gestures, and it is inspired by the vast wheat fields in Syria where I grew up."




April 3: Luleå is preparing a red carpet movie premier!


Luleå is planning a big premier of Gunilla Breskys documentary "Jag stannar tiden" in may! This will be grand, but til then you can listen to the music from the movie, click in the image below.

Music written by Johan Ramström and preformed by Norrbotten NEO


April 3: Franck Ollu-tour playing Greek music myth

Mr Franck Ollu, great conductor who's pushing us to do our best!


Our two guest musicians on this tour, Mari Poll and Chrichan Larson.


Were taking a break from rehearsing and filling up with energy and coffee (of course!)


Daniel looks really focused!



Franck Ollu


Here we're waiting to get in and play our last concert on this tour in Härnösand at the school!


On our back home to Norrbotten and Piteå, crossing the Höga Kusten bridge!

Thank you Franck Ollu for a great work together, and giving us new challanges and excperiences with music. Great fun! And thank all of you home came out to see us!

March 25: Full house at the festival Vårflod, Stockholm


Unfortunately we didn't win the award for Nutida Sound on Saturday but we're happy to congratulate the winners a Ullén, Nina de Heney & Okkyung Lee; Andreas Eklöf & Mats Persson; and Anders Dahl & Skogen. And we're also happy for having a full house when playing at the contemporary festival Vårflod in Stockholm - lead by director Franck Ollu.


March 24: Photosession for new coverpics


The day of the premier for our tour with Franck Ollu started early with a photoshoot with hair and make-up, and then taking new photos of the ensemble for coming posters and websites. With us today was our extra musicans for this tour, Mari Poll and Chrichan Larson! Here are som behind the scenes from the shoot.


Looking forward to see the result!



Chrichan Larson who is filling in for David Gammelgård, is getting ready!

Kim Hellgren




Robert is multitasking

Marie Poll, who's filling in on violin for Christian Svarfvar is almost done for photograph!



March 20: Live recordning - ON

Todays concert is recorded by sound engineer Mikael Norberg.

But right now we are recordning the pieces by Iannis Xenakis and Vassos Nicolaou led by conductor Franck Ollu!




March 20: We are nominated!


God morning everyone and what a wonderful thursday it is! Cause we are nominated with our record "New Sweden" to the magazine Nutida Musik prize Nutida Sound - a prize that awards the most outstanding Swedish record this year in contemporary art music!

We are very happy and excited! The winner will be announced on Saturday at the Contemporary Music Festival Vårflod in Stockholm, where we also are playing with the conductor Franck Ollu.

But first we are playing today at lunch at Acusticum, Piteå at 12:30 and tomorrow at Kulturens hus in Luleå at 19:30 

March 20: Good review on our record with Steve Reich

March 19: Welcome to Piteå Frank Ollu!

Today we start reherseals for our tour with the french condoctur Franck Ollu in Piteå at Acusticum.  We have been preparing in each seperate contry, Sweden and France, and now it's time to put it all together and tomorrow we invite you to listen-in on our general reherseal in Piteå with a concert at lunchtime 12:30.

It feels good to finaly get togehter and play and a warm welcome to Mari Poll on violin 

and Chrichan Larson on cello who is filling in with us on this tour!



Studio Acusticum, Piteå, 12:30

Konsthallen, Kulturens hus, Luleå 19.30

Forum, Stockholm, 20:30

Råjåssalen, Härnösands folkhögskolan, 19:00

March 17: Vassos Nicolau guest on tour with Norrbotten NEO & Franck Ollu

Vassos Nicolau is visiting us thrue our tour with Franck Ollu, starting this friday march 21! Vassos is the composer of one of the pieces that we are performing. Here he tells you more about the piece Anima: 

Anima for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2009/10). It was commissioned by the Paris-based, Ensemble Intercontemporain, and it was composed in 2009/10. 


The work begins subito with the piano playing as though a person is talking quickly. The other instruments are entering one after the other creating very busy textures. The quick musical flow is interrupted by the interventions of piano chords and the passing of time is forced to slow down for some moments. Gradually the speed relaxes and the music is transformed into a slow ritual - like character. The flute, clarinet and violin are "singing" with asynchronous staccati. What is following, is what indeed characterizes Anima: the duality between very quick playing (or the illusion of quick playing) and of extreme slowness - with use of resonance and unconventional sounds. "Normal" speed is almost always avoided.


I drew a lot of inspiration for Anima from the transformations and detailed work found in the animations of Bruce Bickford. Anima is dedicated to the Ensemble intercontemporain which commissioned it and gave its world premiere.


March 13: Listen to the soundtrack for "Jag Stannar Tiden"


Here's a clip from the soundtrack we recorded for the documetary "Jag Stannar Tiden"! The music i composed by Johan Ramström. Very beautiful and according to director Gunilla Bresky "It's the music that brings it all together!"

Listen here:



March 10: "Our" film wins again!

We had the great opportunity to play composer Johan Ramströms works in the documentary. "Jag stannar tiden" directed by awardwinning Gunilla Bresky. The film premiered at Tromsö International Festival and got great reviews! This weekend Gunilla Bresky recieved this years Tempo Documetary Award! You can read more about "Jag stannar tiden", Gunilla Bresky and our work with composer Johan Ramström below:

Congratulations Gunilla!






March 7: Memories from a nice tour in south of Sweden



On our way - tour start in Växjö


Backstage getting prepared for concert!



Photo session with fans






The end! Tank you Musik i Syd for a excellent tour and working together!


March 6: Interview with Grammy-award winning composer Karin Rehnqvist

Karin Rehnqvist

We had the pleasure to work together with Karin Rehnqvist last year, and we still have on-going collaboration with her! Karins work was rewarded with the big Swedish music price - Grammis. Down below you can read a Swedish interview with her, where she talkes about her experience of working with students and their work with Norrbotten NEO.


Interview with Karin Rehnqvist



Feb 28: Aired 12-13 today!

The radioshow Malmö Direkt has interviewed Robert Ek and the interview will be aired today, Friday 28:th between 12-13.



Feb 28: Great review from Växjö!

"We're not aware of nothing but the music". That concludes the very nice reviews the daily paper Smålandsposten writes about us playing at Växjö Concert Hall yesterday.




Robert Ek, waiting by the phone to get interviewed by Malmö Radio.

Feb 21: Waiting by the phone!

Norrbotten NEO will tour in south of Sweden next week with concerts in Växjö, Kristianstad, Hultsfred and finally Malmö. The radioprogram Malm Direct wants to interview us about the coming tour - and the one to get intervied by phone is Robert Ek, our clarinetist. This interview will be aired on Friday 28:th of Februari.

Feb 19: Congrats Karin Rehnqvist!

Composer and professor of composition at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm won a Grammy-award! Congratulations from us! Karins record is called Live and won the cathegory Best classic album 2014. We meet Karin when we have workshops with her students in Stockholm - or in Piteå. In April we will perform her students pieces in a concert in Stockholm.

Feb 12: Sydsvenskan writes...

The daily magazine Sydsvenskan gives a review of our two lates records New Sweden and Steve Reich. Which is something we are happy about! The whole article below!http://www.sydsvenskan.se/kultur--nojen/musik/en-ovanligt-lyckad-serie-bestallningsverk/

Feb 10: We get great reviews!

During last year we launched our record, a double-CD, with works of composer Steve Reich. Now we start getting reviews. And today we got an excellent one written by Peter Sjöblom from the magazine Kulturen. "If you like Steve Reichs' works, this is a CD you can't do without!" , he writes. Thank you Peter!

 The whole review below:


Feb 7: Today we play school!

At 13 today we get company from Stockholm. We will have workshops with students from KMH. Professor Karin Renqvist is also joining her students! Welcome all of you.  During the weekend we will play the students works. The workshops will result in a concert in Stockholm in April.

Feb 5: Pär Lindgren-tour a success!

We finished our tour in Stockholm on Sunday and we're happy to report the tour was a great success in Piteå, Luleå and Stockholm. In Luleå we have new and exciting collaboration with Luleå Kammarmusikförening. After our concert we mingled and chatted at Hemmagastronomi with our fans - nice! Here are som pictures!

Concert in Luleå was in the artshall in Kulturens hus. Our music and art - the perfect combo!

Daniel Saur and composer Pär Lindgren chilled in Luleå. Valade played the piano during rehearsals.

After concert in Stockholm.




Jan 29: Welcome Valade and Pär Lindgren!

We started rehears for our new tour with music chosen by composer Pär Lindgren on Monday this week. Today we played it for audience in Piteå during a midday concert. Our new guestconductor is Pierre-André Valade from France and as said, Pär Lindgren is also joining us at this tour which ends up in Stockholm on Sunday. But tomorrow we head for Luleå and our concert in the Artshall at Kulturens Hus. Here we will premiere Pär Lindgrens piece Catch!

Jan 20: Article about recordings in PT.

Piteå-tidningen, our local newspaper, wrote an article about last weeks recordings!


Jan 20: "Our" film - a winner in Tromsö!

The documentary "Jag stannar tiden", with music writteh by Johan Ramström recorded by us, won the prestigious Don Quijote-award on Friday Jan 17.

- I've seen grown-up men sit with tears in their eyes, said director Gunilla Bresky after the last showing of the movie.

Congrats to the award Gunilla! Now we look forward to Göteborg International Film Festival which starts Jan 24!

Jan 17: Steve Reich wants our CD!!!

In 2013 we released our tribute to composer Steve Reich. A few days ago our marketingdepartment got in touch with Steve Reich's managers in London - who brought good, in fact GREAT news! Steve wants to listen to our CD! Your wish is our command mr Reich, here it comes! Can we excpect a review, please?!

Our CD Steve Reich is posted to mr Reich himself!

Jan 16: Recording the new album!

Sara Hammarström, flute, and composer Christofer Elgh.

This week we record our new CD New Sweden at Studio Acusticum in Piteå. As always on the New Sweden-project we collaborate Swedish composers. Today we have company by composer Christofer Elgh, from Stockholm, whos piece we've been recording all day. Karina Sundkvist, reporter from the daily magazine PIteå-tidningen and her photographer, is also with us to write an article!

 A photographer from Piteå-tidningen follows our work.


Jan 15: At Tromsö International Film Festival today!

Today the new documentary "Jag stannar tiden" by director Gunilla Bresky premieres at Tromsö International Film Festival in Norway. Which also means our music is played for an audience for the first time ever!
- Norrbotten NEO:s music is what keeps my movie together. I listened to it with tears in my eyes, it is absolutely fantastic, says director Gunilla Bresky. Interview (in Swedish) below!



Jan 7: New year - new challenges!

We start off 2014 with the recording of our new album, which we start working on Jan 13. The album will have tracks from new Swedish composers and hopefully it will get as good reviews as the last one - New Sweden Ditptychon. The recording of this new album will finish Jan 17.

Dec 13: X-mas concert for FST!

On Tuesday Dec 10 Norrbotten NEO performed at the yearly christmas dinner for FST in Winterviken right outside Stockholm. The 300 invited prominent guests were politicians, persons who work with cultural events and of course composers. NEO played Anders Eliassons piece Fantasia per sei strumenti (which is recorded on the CD New Sweden - Diptychon and also is available on Spotify). Conductor was Petter Sundkvist.

Dec 12: X-mas gifts for listening!

Now you can buy our new CD:s New Sweden and Steve Reich at iTunes! Or if you want the CD:s sent to you home buy at Norrbottensmusikens ínternetstore, norrbottensmusiken.se/butik.


Dec 11: No matter how difficult - they can play and perform it!

Norrbotten NEO yet again played pieces written by second year students from Musikhögskolan.

- It was fantastic. No matter how difficult pieces we have written - Norrbotten NEO still can play and perform it, says student André Thörnfeldt (picture). I am impressed!

For the students it is a unique chance to hear proffessional musicians like Norrbotten NEO perform their works. And to get feedback.

- All pieces were personal and well written, says Sara Hammarström who played the flute during this concert.

The musicians from Norrbotten NEO try to give as much feedback as possible to the students. Sara Hammartröm can actually see how the level has gotten higher during the years they have worked together with the students from Musikhögskolan.

- Yes, it has payed off. Now the first year-students listen to the second year-students concert and get inspired from it, she says.


The whole article in Swedish:




Nov 28: Recording music for documentary!

Right now we're in the studio in Piteå recording music by composer Johan Ramström for the coming documentary by director Gunilla Bresky who's won many awards for her previous films. The new film about world war 2 will be aired on Swedish national television but hopefully also at movietheaters. We're happy to work with you Johan!

Nov 21: Norrbotten NEO in a fancy box!

The hot communications-agency Geektown in Luleå has toghether with Norrbotten NEO created a box, a very fancy round box in black and white with a text about NEO and their fantastic music for concert halls and media and also for launching and packeting new CD:s in. This box also contains a nice green tea to drink while listening to NEO:s music. The box competed yesterday at the Hej Day gala for the price GULDFYREN 2013 in the category Business to business.

Unfortunetely the box didn't win the price yesterday. But it did win the EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARDS in June 2013! Congrats Geektown and Norrbotten NEO!


Nov 15: Norrbotten NEO records music for the movies!

The tour for Smittande musik is over and done with. But there will not be much time for the ensemble to relax because Nov 27 they'll start recording the music for a new film that hopefully will be launched for movie-theaters aswell as TV! The filmmusic is written by Johan Ramström (picture), a Swedish composer and teacher in composition. More about this project below!




Nov 8: Come see us on tour!


Tomorrow Norrbotten NEO premieres with Smittande musik - a portrait of the violinist Sven Kjellström. Repertoire below. We are joined by recently priced violinist Nils-Erik Sparf, violinist Anders Jakobsson and Elmér Lavotha on cello. All of them fantastic musicians!


Luleå, Norrbottensteatern


Sat Nov 9 at 15.00

Piteå, Byan i Arnemark
Sunday nov 10 at 16.00

Porjus, LaponiaPorten
Monday nov 11 at 19.00

Pajala, Teurajärvi Byagård
Tuesday nov 12 at 19.00

Haparanda, Mattila Byagård
Wednesday nov 13 at 19.00


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Flöjtkvartett i D-dur K.285, sats 1

Franz Schubert

Stråkkvartett i A-moll D.804 - op.29 "Rosamunde", sats 2

César Franck

Violinsonat i A-dur, sats 4 - Allegretto poco mosso

Wilhelm Stenhammar

Stråkkvartet nr 4 op.25, sats 3 - Scherzo

Pjotr Tjajkovskij

Pianotrio i A-moll op.50, sats 2 - Tema con Variazioni

Astor Piazzolla

La muerte del ángel, arr. för pianotrio av José Bragato

Hilding Rosenberg

Stråkkvartett nr 2, sats 2 - Allegro assai

Pierre Boulez

Sonatine för flöjt och piano

Cécile Chaminade

Concertino för flöjt och piano op.107

Johann Sebastian Bach

Sonat för soloviolin nr 1 i G-moll BWV.1001, sats 1 - Adagio

Florent Schmitt

Pour presque tous les temps op.134 för flöjt, violin, cello och piano, sats 3 - Calme, och sats 4 - Vif


Oct 29: Workshop in Stockholm

On Monday Oct 28 Norrbotten Neo participated in a workshop in Stockholm. The students of Karin Rehnqvist, professor of composition, got the chance to meet the musicians from NEO and also hear their own pieces performed by NEO. Sara Hammarström from Norrbotten NEO says:

- When you compose music you probably can hear it in your head. But for us musicians the situation is different. We don't know how it is supposed to sound and therefor we can help the students by talking to them and letting them know how to take notice of the important facts when composing so their musical intentions reaches all the way to everyone in a future audience.


Oct 16: Nice article in Sundsvalls tidning

Reporter Susanne Holmlund met the team from A Laugh To Cry yesterday. The meeting resulted in a very nice article about the opera!



Oct 16: Review in Västerbottens Kuriren

"A Laugh To Cry is about pure feelings. Pure fear, pure anger and pure joy" Jonas Lidström writes in Västerbottens Kuriren. Full review below (in Swedish).


Oct 14: Norrlandsoperan next!

Norrbotten NEO is on tour with the opera A Laugh To Cry. Tonight they perform the opera in Umeå at Norrlandsoperan (picture), at 1900 hours. The whole crew meet the press in Sundsvall tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday Oct 16 the opera is set up at the theater in Sundsvall.



Oct 8: Full spread in todays paper!

Reporter Karina Sundkvist and photographer Maria Johansson visited A Laugh To Cry behind the scenes yesterday. The result: a full spread in todays morningpaper, Piteå-tidningen!

Full length article (in Swedish):




Oct 8: Welcome to Piteå!

Today we start rehearsing for the new opera A Laugh To Cry. We welcome our conductor Petter Sundkvist, the tecnical-team from Portugal, the singers Frances M Lynch, Nicholas Isherwood, Marina Pacheco, reciter Ágata Mandillo and of course Miguel Azguime who wrote this opera and his wife Paula Azguime who has developed the concept. The invitations for the premier (on Thursday Oct 10) look spectacular!

Nice review from our Stockholm concert in Svenska Dagbladet!

Unfortunately in Swedish here's a nice review from Sundays concert in Grünewaldsalen in the daily magazine Svenska Dagbladet which reaches one million readers every day!



Read about our opera in Opus Magasin!

On Thursday Oct 10 Norrbotten NEO premieres in Piteå in Sweden with the opera A Laugh To Cry. The magazine Opus writes about this (in Swedish) on their website.





Great concert in Stockholm!

This picture (by Urban Wedin) is from yesterdays concert in Stockholm. If you weren't able to join us yesterday: we'll return to Grünewaldsalen February 2 2014 and also April 13 2014!

Oct 6: Showtime in Stockholm!

The final rehearsal is over and the ensemble prepares for the concert in Grünewaldsalen in Stockholm Concert Hall at 1500 hours.

Come see us in Västerås, Oct 4, and Stockholm, Oct 6!

Norrbotten NEO has started the New Sweden-tour! Concert Friday October 4 at Västerås Concert Hall. Sunday October 6 you can listen to NEO in beautiful Grünewaldsalen (picture) at Stockholm Concert Hall. Welcome to a concert with exciting new music by composers Johannes Jansson, Britta Byström, Fredrik Hedelin, Anders Eliasson and Dror Feiler. Conductor: Petter Sundkvist. Welcome!

Norrbotten NEO gets cred!

The Swedish organisation Kvast presented this years statistics on how many ensembles that perform music by female Swedish composers. They give high cred to Norrbotten NEO who is one of three ensembles that performs an impressive amout of female composers. Read more in Opus magasin:


Members of the Kvast-organisation are going to visit Norrbottensmusiken to have a sit down with Tomas Isacsson, General Manager of NEO, in November. They will discuss the upcoming repertoars and also inspire other northern orchestral organisations to join in and perform more work of female Swedish composers.

Tuesday Oct 1:

The ensemble is in Piteå today. "We start rehearsing for our New Sweden-tour. First stop Västerås on Friday and next Stockholm on Sunday!", says Robert Ek, clarinet Norrbotten NEO.

Monday Sept 30: business as usual - and a sweet taste of success!

Friday night was a total succss in Warsaw. 500 people came to see Norrbotten NEO play in the new opera A Laugh To Cry. The ensembled travelled home on Saturday and today, Monday, it is business as usual. But with a sweet taste of success fresh in our minds...

Final rehearsal in Warsaw!



We're off!

Wednesday September 25 the ensemble pack their bags, and instruments, travelling to Poland and the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music. "One day of rehersals and we're ready for the premiere of the new opera A Laugh To Cry which is being set up in an old brewery. They've built a stage just for ALTC, says Robert Ek (clarinet Norrbotten NEO)!

Great review for New Sweden/Diptychon!

On Sunday Sept 22 Norrbotten NEO's CD New Sweden Diptychon was reviewed by the radioshow CD-Revyn. The jury graded Andrée Chini's La Princesse de Babylone, Madeleine Isaksson's Isär and Anders Eliasson's Fantasia Per Sei Strumenti, 4 out of 5! The jurys judgement: "go buy the CD, have a sit in you absolute favourite chair, listen and enjoy!". Buy the CD in our webshop now!

Tune in on Sunday, Sept 22!

Listen to the radioshow CD-Revyn on Sunday. Tune in P2 at 12 AM sharp! Why? Three tracks from NEO:s CD New Sweden are being reviewed; Andr&ea;[removed][removed] [removed][removed] [removed][removed] cute;e Chini's La Princesse de Babylone, Madeleine Isaksson's Isär and Anders Eliasson's Fantasia Per Sei Strumenti!


Join us for cd-release and concert!

Friday September 20 Norrbotten NEO participates in Klusterfestivalen with a concert at 19 hours in Kulturens Hus. They also release their brand new CD with music of american composer Steve Reich. Come join us! And buy the CD for a bargain (tonight only): 100 kr!

Norrbotten NEO goes Warsaw!

September 25:th the ensemble pack their bags for a trip to Poland and Warsaw. Why? To participate in the festival Warsaw Autum with the team for the opera A laugh to cry - the opera of the future!

This opera is written by portuguese Miguel Azguime and conducted by swedish conductor Petter Sundkvist.

The opera premiered in Portugal this summer and will now be played in Warsaw in Poland. After Poland the opera goes on tour in Sweden starting 4 of October in Piteå.

“A Laugh to Cry” is a co-production of the Warsaw Autumn Festivall (Poland), the Norrbottensmusiken/Norrbotten NEO (Sweden), the São Luíz Teatro Municipal (Portugal) and the Miso Music Portugal.
With the support of Secretaria de Estado da Cultura / Direcção Geral das Artes & the Goethe-Institut Portugal.
Research & Technology developments in partnership with CITAR-Research Center for Science and Technology in Art / Universidade Católica do Porto with the support of Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.


Upcoming CD-release!

20:th of September Norrbotten Neo hosts the release of their CD with music of the american composer Steve Reich who was awarded the swedish Polar Prize 2007 and he also was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in music 2009.

It is not a coincident Norrbotten Neo chooses Reich's music on this CD. The ensemble was the first one to perform live with Reich's awarded Double Sextet in Scandinavia.




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